We're excited to officially announce the implementation of our Checkfront Integration! Now that it is available for use, we want to make sure that our Locals are aware of exactly how the integration works and how to set it up. If you have any questions about anything you see in this article, please contact Yervana Support at support@yervana.com.

First and foremost, it is important to note that once your Checkfront inventory is linked to Yervana, you will be taking bookings through Yervana on a request basis. This means that you will need to approve each booking that comes through Yervana. If you are not familiar with the Request to Book feature, please read this article: Request to Book Setup and Process.

Initial Setup

When we pull in Checkfront products that are not already in your Yervana account, they will be automatically added to your Drafts folder. They will need to be reviewed and submitted again so that we can set them live on Yervana.

When we pull in Checkfront Products that are already in your Yervana account, the edits will be saved in your Draft folders but as a copy. They will look like "Adventure Name (copy)". They will also need to be reviewed and submitted again. Once we approve them on the back end, the changes will merge with the current, live Yervana adventure.

If you would like help reviewing and submitting the adventures, please let our team know. We can help to ensure that the information on your Yervana adventures matches up with the information on your Checkfront Products.

Adventure Updates

Once your Yervana adventures are live, only certain edits to your Checkfront items will be updated on your Yervana adventure. These include:

  • the product name

  • the product details

  • the duration

  • the number of maximum guests

*Please note that the changes will take up to 1 hour to update to Yervana.

You will receive an automated email notification from Yervana notifying you that changes to the product name or the product details were accepted.


Yervana only has one pricing option at the moment, which is adult pricing. This means that the integration will only pull in the Adult pricing from your Checkfront Products.

IMPORTANT - If you change the price on a product in Checkfront once your Yervana adventures are live, the price will not automatically be changed in Yervana. You will need to either manually update the price in Yervana or ask someone on our support team to update it for you.

Entering Yervana Bookings into Checkfront

When it comes to bookings, think of the Checkfront/Yervana Integration as a 1-way mirror. Yervana can see Checkfront bookings, but Checkfront cannot see Yervana bookings.

This means that when you receive a booking through Yervana, you will need to manually reduce availability in your Checkfront calendar - this process is not automated.

But, when you receive a booking through Checkfront, Yervana can see that there was a reduction in inventory, and it will automatically update your available spots in Yervana - this process is automated.

Please let the Support Team know if you need help or clarification on how the Checkfront integration works. We'd be happy to help!

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