We're excited to announce a new feature that will allow Yervana booking confirmation notifications to be sent to Locals and explorers through SMS text messaging.

It is important that the phone number listed in your Yervana Local Profile is set up to receive text messages. If it is not, this feature will not work. Please take the time to check your Local Profile to make sure the correct number is listed.

The SMS feature works both for Instant and Request bookings. If you are not familiar with request bookings, please review our Request to Book Article and reach out to our Support Team via email if you have questions.

When you receive a new Yervana booking or booking request, you will now receive both a confirmation email and a confirmation text. The text will look like this:

If you are not able to immediately accept or reject the booking request, you will receive text reminders to help you remember before the 48 hour time limit runs out.

The explorer will also receive a text confirming that their booking request or instant booking was received.

Once you accept or reject the request, the explorer will receive a text.

If the booking was rejected, the same message that you send in the Yervana inbox will also get sent to the explorer via text.

These message are automated and come from the general Yervana Support phone number. If a Local or Explorer responds to the message, the support team will receive the response. Feel free to send us a text response if you want to communicate with us regarding the booking.

If you have any questions about this feature, please contact us at support@yervana.com.


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